Health tour


Georgia is a rich country with resort destinations. There are more than 2,000 natural mineral water and their chemical and physical features give the possibility for treatment of many diseases, including cardiovascular, nervous, gynecological and endocrinological disorders. Besides, the medical muds and Sulfur waters also have highly therapeutic character and are used for treatment of joints, skin, and female disorders. There are officially registered 103 resorts and 167 resort destinations in Georgia. here are the list of most-visited and favorite resorts of Georgia:


Akhtala is the only resort with mud therapy in Georgia. It cures peripheral nervous system, gynecological, dermatological, urological and other diseases. The composition of mud is unique there as it isn’t similar to other volcanic origin muds that exist in the world.


Borjomi is one of the most famous resorts of Georgia. People from all over the world arrive there for healing gastritis, metabolic disorders and many other diseases. The mineral springs are pouring in the middle of city park, which is a great place for walk and relax. there are various healthful institutions, recreation complexes, spa centers and guesthouses in Borjomi.


Sairme Balneological resort of Sairme is famous with its mineral and thermal springs and differ in their chemical compositions and medicinal treatment qualities. All of them have a specific number and are able to treated different disease: № 1 is for Urinary calculus disease; № 2 - Bile-pebble diseases; № 3 - Disturbance of metabolism and № 4 -Gastrointestinal diseases.


Tskaltubo is famous for its warm mineral waters with the natural temperature of 35 degrees. This incredible water can treat: Cardiovascular System disease, Locomotor System disorder, Nervous System disorder, Gynecological disorders, Skin & endocrine diseases, Disturbance of metabolism and others.