Sea Resorts

Summer at the Georgian seacoast starts already at the end of May or beginning of June. Actually, the best time for swimming in the sea is from middle of June until the end of September. The warm water, fresh sea air, the beautiful landscapes and endless tourist activities make summer vacation as good as it can be. Each Georgian sea resort differs from another one. Some of them are famous for their nightlife, entertainment, and some of them are good for a peaceful vacation with family. Except sunbathing and entertaining, people have an opportunity to explore Protected Areas with beautiful waterfalls, to walk in the forest, to attend music festivals and to improve their health.


Batumi is the most beautiful city in Georgia located on the coast of the Black Sea in the southwest of the country. Batumi—the “Pearl of the Black Sea” as it is often called - is administrative center of Adjara and one of the main port of Georgia. Since 2010, Batumi has been transformed by the construction of modern high-rise buildings and today it is still a place of numerous architectural innovations. In Batumi, you should visit Botanical Garden, Delphinium, Piazza and many famous places of interest.

Kvariati and Gonio

Kvariati and Gonio are favorite beaches for many people, because of their peaceful location and especially good ambience. The water is warm and clean and the beach is relaxing. There are many bungalows, hotels and guesthouses there. There you can see Gonio Fortress, which was built is 1st century AD and which was a large Roman-Byzantine military settlement and an important strategic point along the Black Sea coast.


Kobuleti is a seaside resort. Its unique sandy beach, sky-scraped endemic pine trees, eucalypts, bamboo and cocoa palms create a unique microclimate, which benefits cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous system. A pleasant subtropical climate, fresh air, plenty of sunshine, warm sea and Adjarian Mountains nearby create one of the most desirable holiday destinations in Georgia.


Ureki is a seaside climatic resort on the Black Sea coast of Georgia. Located in the region of Guria, Ureki is 60 kilometers north of Batumi and approximately 300 km west of the nation’s capital Tbilisi. Ureki beach has magnetic sand with healing properties that is good for cardiovascular diseases, musculoskeletal system diseases and pediatric disease.