Special Tours

Exploring Public holidays of Georgia brings enthusiasm, positive energy, fun and amusement. The independence day of Georgia and Tbilisoba are the most joyous and populous celebrations of the country.

Independence Day is an annual public holiday in Georgia observed on 26 May. It commemorates the 26 May 1918 adoption of the Act of Independence. Independence Day is associated with fireworks, concerts, fairs, in addition to various other public and private events celebrating the history and culture of Georgia.

Tbilisoba is an annual October festival, which celebrates the diversity and history of Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. It was first held on October 28, 1979, and has since become an established tradition. The festival features open-air concerts of traditional music and dancing and various cultural events, centered on Old Tbilisi, the historical part of the city. Beyond celebrating, the city's past and present, people from all over Georgia represent their region at the fair of the harvest and vintage. Awarding honorary citizenship of Tbilisi by the city government also occurs in the framework of Tbilisoba.

During the festivals, the streets of Tbilisi become one big and happy stage for various performances of hundreds of artists. Visiting Georgia at the period of these festivals is full of enjoyable feelings starting from entertainment to authentic dishes and drinks of the country.

Apart form celebrating with us the most favorite Public holidays of Georgia we design special tours for fans of adventure, skiing, shopping and many others. Be aware, the tours will be created for all comers, including for the young and elders, for families, corporate teams and for newlyweds as well.