It can be bravely said that, Georgia is a country of wine . An 8 000 year history of Winemaking became the part of Georgian spiritual culture. For Georgians wine is not just a drink, it is like religion there. Georgia has very different principles of wine producing. The big vessels named Qvevri are using for making wine. Qvevri is made of clay and is buried in the ground which guarantees an optimal temperature for the aging and storage of wine. Eastern Georgia , especially the region of Kakheti is the mother of Georgian viticulture. Alazani valley is the most blessed area for vineyards there. The quality of the wines of this region is recognized throughout the world. Of 18 aboriginal wines registered in Georgia 14 belong to Kakheti, such as Tsinandali, Gurjaani, Vazisubani, Manavi, Kardanakhi, Tibaani, Kakheti, Kotekhi, Napareuli, Mukuzani, Teliani, Kindzmarauli, Akhasheni, Kvareli.

Georgian cuisine

Georgian cuisine is unique. The food is an expression of the culture here. No visit of the country would be complete without tasting some heart-stopping Georgian dishes. All the regions of Georgia have their own distinct culinary traditons.It is difficult to list all of them, but we will try to describe the most popular and must-tasted meals of the country.

  • Khinkali is originated from the Georgian mountain regions of Pshavi, Mtiuleti and Khevsureti. It is prepared with minced boiled dough and meat of lamb or beef and pork mixed. it is very juicy and tasty and eaten hot. You should taste Khinkali, everyone loves it!
  • Khachapuri to say simply, it is stuffed cheese in bread. All the regions of Georgia have their own Khachapuri, which is different from others. for example, Megrelian Khachapuri have extra cheese on top, Adjarian Khachapuri is made with an egg, Imeretian Khachapuri is very thin etc.
  • Kubdari is a meat filled pastry that originates from the region of Svaneti. The meat is cut and mixed with Svanetian spices which give the dish very specific and inimitable taste.
  • Chakapuli is a Georgian dish which is basically served on Easter holidays in spring. It is made with lamb or beef, dry white wine, tarragon leaves, unripe green plums, green onions, green peppers, green coriander, garlic and salt. It is popular in the Spring when the plums are unripe.
  • Lobio and Mchadi. There are many species of lobio in Georgia, green bean, Lobio with walnut, but the main kind of Lobio is served with clay pot and Mchadi. Mchadi is a Georgian corn bread, it is also eaten with cheese.
  • Satsivi is a poultry dish, basically it’s prepared with turkey, “tsivi” means cold in Georgian language so it means that Satsivi should be cold. It is the sauce with walnut which perfectly combines with turkey meat.
  • Elarji is a cornmeal with Sulguni cheese, it is memorable dish from Samegrelo region. Elarji is like a porridge with rubbed milky cheese, which is added slowly, later they melt together and the meal becomes elastic. It is really mouthwatering.
  • Pkhali (spinach and walnut salad) is made with different kinds of leaves, but the most popular is spinach. Georgian cooks often whip up different types of Pkhali, plating them decorated with pomegranate seeds.
  • Kharcho is the Georgian soup originating in Samegrelo, it contains beef (lamb or pork), rice and chopped walnuts, but the main ingredients are spices, especially Georgian one “Khmeli suneli”.
  • Georgian Trout in pomegranate sauce. As a rule trout is always fried or barbecued. It is filled with lemon and butter, Served hot, poured by the pomegranate sauce. The Dish is distinguished with healthy ingredients and usefulness.